This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is not being actively developed, as the important parts of it's functionality have be included in Drupal 6.

Quick Admin Menu is a javascript heavy replacement for the core Menu administration page. It features drag and drop tree sorting, and same page editing, deleting and disabling of menu items. Yay!

Hopeful this is the first of a series of Quick Admin X modules, which will be javascript remixes of the current Drupal admin pages.

Current Limitations:

  • Depends on jjeff's jquery_update and jquery_interface modules, which will require you to upgrade your version of jQuery. Now uses jQuery UI Backport
  • Needs SimpleXML extension on the server, which comes by default with PHP5.
  • Does not even pretend to work if the client has javascript turned off.
  • Currently works best on Firefox.
  • Slow to initially load the page.
  • Code still needs some clean up (namespace all the classes and ids).

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