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Query UI (QUI, pronounced Q-ee) is a report generation tool that utilizes Drupal's Dynamic Queries to build/execute queries.

At it's core, QUI is an interface for building queries. It allows users to build "reports" and view query results in a multitude of formats.

QUI uses Drupal's theme engine for creating report formatters that can change the way the data is viewed.
Example formatters include: HTML Table, CSV, and JSON.
Report data can be accessed over an API that is automatically available. API can be secured with an access_token.

Reasons to use this module:

  • You need an easy-to-use UI to build and edit queries quickly and easily.
  • You need to create reports for your site that pull from multiple tables (including custom tables).
  • You think Views is overkill for your purpose.
  • You need to make an API accessible to pull in custom query results.

Views vs. QUI

If you're asking yourself "Why would I use this instead of Views for X?" then it's probably not a good fit for your use case. If you're thinking "Why would I need Views to do X?!" or "Why can't I easily do this in Views?!" then QUI might be right for you.

Views is an abstraction tool that can look at your database, pull out information and render it in the same manner you see it in other contexts on your site. It writes queries for you and modules provide formatters to display their data via Views handlers. If you want to show a list of news items in a block with a teaser image, part of the body text, and a "Read More” link, then Views is the perfect solution.

QUI doesn't try to be a Views replacement. They actually work together (you can display reports in a View). QUI doesn't provide handlers for rendering individual fields in a particular format. Instead, QUI provides an interface for getting your data out of Drupal in a raw format. If you've ever wanted a CSV with a few joins on data across your site and found that Views Relationships couldn't get the job done, then QUI would have been the solution. You are also able to create custom formatters for your reports to render them in any way you would like.

Admittedly, if you're a renegade and you really want to use QUI as a Views replacement, you could. It's not gonna stop you.

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Created and continued support of the module.

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