This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project is an improved version (v3.x) of the Queue UI module.

WARNING: At this point you cannot use queue_ui and queue_ui_imp together.

Queue UI Improved module is not intended to be a replacement of Queue UI. It was developed to be a new major version of Queue UI so it uses the same namespace.


This module provides site administrators to be able to run the queues manually if needed by adding more granular permissions over Drupal Queues in order to prevent the site admins to manage all registered queues.
Another thing is the possibility to run the batch operations via drush.

Remaining tasks

- Finish the permission check for the administration form
- Finish the permission check for the drush command form
- Finish to fix coding standards issues pointed by coder's phpcs
- User interface changes

With this implementation we will have the possibility to set a permission for every registered queue so the site admin could choose who is able to manage each queue in the system.

Queue UI issue for merging both projects:

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