This project add a question/answer section for website. Different from other modules, it uses only one node type for question, and the core comment.module for answer. This allow reutilisation of CCK, Views...

Version 6 of this module is dependant on CCK and CTools. Both are in D7-core, thus version 7 has not any dependency.


  • Users who post questions are allowed to select a comment as the answer.
  • The selected answer is displayed right below question.
  • The posters may specify a date, after this duration, there will be a "most voted answer" if no comment is selected as the answer (require Voting API if using this feature).

Read the documentation for detailed information.


This module supports VotingAPI integration for auto selecting the best answer.

- Currently, there is an issue in Drupal 7.0 #1076000: Select answer error: $.fieldValue is not a function. Please use that patch, or wait for 7.1.
- Due to locale support changes in recent Drupal 7.x releases, websites with language other than English please test #1790400: Problem with answer select when system language is not default..

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