A module for easy embedding and configuring of the jQuery QueryLoader 2 library into any Drupal site. The plugin has been included with the module with permission from the original author.

QueryLoader2 is a jQuery plugin that displays a loading screen whilst preloading all CSS background images and images on the page before allowing a user to interact with the page. It's useful for pages that make heavy use of graphics in their layout or web applications which must fully load before user interaction is to take place. More information about the jQuery plugin is available at http://www.gayadesign.com/diy/queryloader2-preload-your-images-with-ease/.


  • Adjustable script settings from the Admin configuration page including
    • Background color
    • Bar color
    • Bar height
    • Animation type
    • Percentage visualizing
    • Callback functions
  • Visibility settings (similar to blocks)
    • On specific pages
    • On specific content types
  • The option to call the QueryLoader manually (with settings set in the admin) using

Known problems

  • The ability to disable deep searching is currently unavailable as it's incompatible
    with the current Drupal jQuery release. What this means is that hidden elements will be preloaded as well as visible ones.
  • Applying the QueryLoader to all AJAX requests can cause issues with requests that use AJAX or AJAX fragments that are destroyed before they are fully preloaded.


Gaya Kessler - Original jQuery module creator
Marton Bodonyi (@codesidekick) - Drupal module creator

Project information