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A sticker sheet created by QR Code PDF Sticker Sheets

QR-Code PDF Sticker Sheets is a module that allows users to create PDF "sticker sheets" of QR codes.


  • Sticker sheets are Drupal nodes. They can be created as easily as any other Drupal nodes and can be used by other modules that work with nodes (CCK, Views, etc).


  • A sticker sheet contains a collection of QR code stickers, each with the same QR code data and QR code label.
  • Sticker sheets are rendered as PDFs.
  • By default, sticker sheets are rendered as Bar Code Graphics (1.625" x 1.25" x 36 stickers, also known as "BC-36"). However, the module can be extended to use other sticker sheet layouts.
  • All sticker sheets can be rendered in bulk to a single PDF.


  • The Token module can be used to define a dynamic template for each sticker sheet.
  • While all stickers on a single sheet have the same data and label, the first sticker can have a different template than other stickers.
  • The following parts of sticker sheets can be customized:
    • Data for QR codes of stickers
    • QR code labels
    • Header text
    • Footer text

This module is part of the meetü Game Platform from the Open Publishing Lab @ RIT.

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