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The Bugzilla Dashboard module is useful for setting up queries that will be generated automatically at cron runs.
Why use it

If you want to set up a Bugzilla query to run over a set period of time, at a given frequency, and pick up on specific data to display in a chart, this is the module for you.


For now, the project only creates OpenFlash charts. Hopefully it will support other chart engines soon.

What it can do

The module can generate 3 types of charts (for now):

* (Time)line charts - a series of lines spanning over time
* Bar charts
* Pie charts

The last 2 are not time-oriented but can self-update as often as you set them. Say, if you just want to see the # of bugs over last week per severity level and don't care about previous weeks.


There are many limitations to the module as yet, many of which can be adjusted as needed. The following are the most important limitations noted so far:

* Large periods of time/large # of bugs.
* Reusing the same queries for multiple charts

Mostly, they relate to large amounts of data needed over a short period of time (the classic problem when gathering data!)

For more details, read the documentation on the Mozilla Wiki.

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