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Creating a node with a question field.

Question Field module can be used to create evaluations, questionnaires, surveys, and anything else you might want for gathering information from users. The module works much like Webform, but uses CCK to create it's fields.

Think of the content type as a template for a questionnaire (survey, evaluations, questionnaires, quiz,..) that defines the type of answers that can be collected (text, image, video), and the node as the questionnaire created from the template.

A question field can specify any other content type as an allowed answer, so that it's CCK fields can be used to collect information such as text, image, video, audio, email, link. A multiple choice question type is also provided through a dependent module.

End users can then fill in the questionnaire (survey, evaluations, questionnaires, quiz,..) and their answers are stored as nodes, or for multiple choice questions in a question/answer table.

The process is:

  1. Add a content type: "questionnaire"
  2. Add a question field with multiple values to it: "questions"
  3. A teacher creates a "questionnaire" node and adds questions to it using the "questions" field
  4. A student is able to see the questionnaire node can then respond to it

Question Field module integrates with Views, and question responses are views entities, allowing for a lot of flexibility in how results are displayed, such as in tables and charts. Included is a default view of the questionnaire results.



Please note this is an alpha release, although it is quite functional it may contain bugs, and has not yet been thoroughly tested or checked for security issues.


Developed by Henrique Recidive for Code Positive.

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