This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Web Push Notifications from your Drupal Website with zero coding involved.


The Pushpad module gives to your website web notification capabilites, integrating Drupal with the Pushpad notification service.

The main "Pushpad" module will make your website started with the Pushpad notification service, with a simple Subscribe/Unsubscribe themable block. Both Pushpad PRO and Express supported.

The Example “pushpad morning notification” module comes with "Pushpad Tag" support and a flexible time management for notification.

Pushpad documentation is available here


  • an active Pushpad account
  • an active Pushpad project


  • Download and extract the latest pushpad-php library into sites/all/libraries/pushpad-php
  • Enable the module(s)


  • configure main module
  • configure Morning notification module
  • enable subscription block

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