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A PubSubHubbub Hub implementation for Drupal.

PubSubHubbub (PuSH) is a publish/subscribe protocol for content syndication. A Publisher provides content via Atom or RSS feed, a Subscriber consumes it. Every time content is added or changed, the Publisher notifies all Subscribers via a Hub.

The Hub implementation at hand is thought to be used "on board", this means in scenarios where Drupal is Publisher and Hub at the same time. It provides an API for subscription and issuing notifications. It does not provide an actual feed with the necessary information to discover the hub (Atom self and hub links) nor does it provide a mechanism to issue a notification when content changed. Both is responsibility of the API user (see example).


Pusher module illustrates how PuSH Hub can be used. It provides a PuSH conform feed that allows Subscribers to discover the hub and it triggers a notification whenever a node changes.


  • hub.lease_seconds requested by subscriber are ignored. Instead subscriptions are expired after PUSH_HUB_LEASE_SECONDS.
  • Active removal of a subscription is not supported
  • Publisher protocol is not supported.

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