Example pullquote

A pull-quote is a quotation or excerpt from an article that is typically placed in a larger or distinctive typeface on the same page, serving to entice readers into an article or to highlight a key topic - see the pale yellow block in the image on the right.

Without the module, authors would need to duplicate the text excerpt.


This module automates and simplifies the use of pull-quotes for Drupal, by:

  • removing the need to duplicate excerpts;
  • automatically adding opening and closing quotation marks to the pull quote;
  • leaving the excerpt unchanged in the body text;
  • formatting the pull-quote to match your site's design, using CSS.

To use, simply place intended text excerpt inside the tag pairing [pullquote] ... [/pullquote]. The module then duplicates the text, adds opening and closing quotation marks and formats with an eye-catching design.

The module also supports quotes on the left side with the syntax:
[pullquote-left]Quote me[/pullquote-left]


This has several advantages:

  • the avoidance of duplicated text, makes your work better with screen-readers like RSS, as there is no out of context excerpt duplication;
  • it is easier for less skilled authors to create pullquotes;
  • pull-quotes can be put on the opposite side, simply by adding a different CSS class; and
  • if you later want to change the site-wide design of pull-quotes, you can do so with just one simple CSS change.

Upgrading to version 7.x-3.x

Note that this introduces a breaking change if you used 7.x-2.x and the alternate token syntax:

<pullquote>Quote me</pullquote>

is no longer supported and the new syntax is:

[pullquote]Quote me[/pullquote]

If you did not use this alternate syntax the module should continue to work without issue.

Pullquote Version 7.x-2.x

The 2.x branch added significantly more flexibility and functionality. You can now choose to add custom styles, load the CSS and JS for pullquote only where it is necessary, add a text filter to easily make pullquotes, and use pullquote with a WYSIWYG editor. We hope these changes make this module significantly more useful.

This new version should not cause any conflicts with the 7.x-1.x branch but if you are considering updating you should test the new version on a non-live instance of the site first.

Demo screencast

This screencast demonstrates how to install and use Pullquote. Note it is based on version 1 which required the use of HTML tags, and this has since been deprecated in favour of simpler [pullquote] ... [/pullquote] tags.


Thanks to:

  • Stuckagain for creating this module;
  • css-tricks.com for the inspiration before the creation of this module;
  • Sun for his code critique of version 1 of the module;
  • lliss and callison for their contributions.

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