This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

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This is a Drupal module that provides support for Prowl, which is a push notification client for the iPhone. It relies upon php-prowl.

This module currently does the following things:

  • Sends push notifications when there are new core or contributed updates available. (Once daily, it's possible to select whether to send all updates, security only, or none)
  • Provides configurable actions to send notifications for a whole host of events. They can be sent to the preconfigured admin user, a Drupal user that has associated a Prowl API key with their account, or any user whose API key you have.
  • Provides integration with the Drupal user system, and allows users to associate Prowl API keys with their accounts.
  • Provides API functions that your module can use to send a Prowl notification to the site admin, a Drupal user, or any user whose API key you happen to have.
  • Provides a send method for the Messaging Framework. This allows you to have site notifications sent to your iPhone via Prowl.
  • slices.
  • dices.
  • chops.

It currently does not:

  • Do anything else.
  • Buy you a pony.

New development is taking place in the 6.x-2.x branch. Please note: it is not fully backwards compatible! In particular, don't upgrade if you are using the messaging integration and cannot upgrade messaging to 4.x. The URL parameter is now supported for notifications.

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