The provision boost module provides Drush hooks to automatically setup multi-site Drupal instances (or single sites) with the Boost module. It takes care of all the nitty-gritty configuration fixes that need to be applied in the backend so it works.

It is specifically aimed towards the Aegir project and therefore depends on the provision backend and expects the Aegir environment to be functional.


  • Download the provision_boost code into your /var/aegir/.drush/
  • Download the boost module, usually in sites/all/modules/boost
  • Enable the boost module on a site, then run "verify" from Aegir. This will regenerate the Apache virtual host definition and include the required "rewrite rules" for boost to work (which used to go in the .htaccess).

Provision_boost will also flush the boost cache after a migrate or verify task.

Use the Drupal 7 version of the module, it supports Drupal 6 and 7. As with other Drush modules, it does not depend on a specific Drupal version.


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The best way to contribute back to this module is by helping to sort, test and provide support in the boost issue queue.

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