From a teacher's point of view:

  • Make a bunch of Closed Question nodes (using the ClosedQuestion module).
  • For each learning objective make a taxonomy term and link the term to the content types Closed Question and Proteus Quiz.
  • For each question, under the heading "Proteus Settings" select the learning objectives for the question and assign an entry level and an exit level.
  • Create a Proteus Quiz node.
  • For this Proteus Quiz node, select the learning objectives for the quiz and set the Target Level for each objective.

From a student's point of view:

  • A student starts at a level of 0 for each objective.
  • The student can get questions that have an entry level that is lower than or equal his current level.
  • If a student answers a question correct in 1 try, his new level will be the exit level for each objective linked to that question.
  • If a student needs more tries, his new level will be lower than the exit level.
  • Once a student reaches the target Level for all objectives of the Proteus Quiz, he has finished the quiz.


Proteus depends on ClosedQuestion.
Proteus depends on Autoload.

Related Projects

  • ClosedQuestion supplies questions that are used by Proteus.
  • Linear Case is another way of presenting questions to a student. A Linear Case is a book where students can not navigate past the last question they have not answered correctly yet.

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