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With the protected node module, users can restrict access to a node with a password they provide when creating the node (or a site wide password or a per node type password). On node creation, authorized authors can protect a node by supplying a password and verifying the strength of the password via JavaScript.

Users that want to view the node or download one of its private attachments are first redirected to a password query page (/protected-node). Once the user entered the right password, they are redirected back to the original node. Authorizations are stored in sessions, so users don't have to enter the password over and over again once provided (requires cookies).

Email feature: The module is capable of sending the password via unencrypted emails. This is useful if you create a page to be viewed only by a few people you know.

Views submodule:
The module has a few extensions supporting Views. It includes filters and output extensions.

Rules submodule:
The module includes a Rules extension allowing you to act on a protected node and test the current state of a node for the current user.


There is no special requirement for this module.


  1. (Maybe) start a 7.x-2.x branch rewritting the module for more flexibilty and removing the legacy structure and code
  2. D8 version: #2502345: Port Protected Node to Drupal 8

Known conflicts

  • Protected Pages: Protected Pages uses the path to protect your page so you can password protect Views pages for example. With Protected node, content creators can add the password as they create content, they don't have to go to another configuration page.


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