This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project provides dependencies for releases. This allows the testbots to download the dependencies for automated testing. The dependencies are specified in the *.info (Drupal 7 and earlier) or *.info.yml (Drupal 8) files. The module required is specified but since module names are not unique this can lead to problems. Therefore it is now recommended that the project also be specified in the dependency. In Drupal 7:

dependencies[] = project:module (>=version)

In Drupal 8:

  - project:module (>=version)

The module name is required, the project name is recommended and the version is optional. See the Project Namespaces change record for more information.

If a dependency is just required for testing then it can be specified as follows (for Drupal 7):

test_dependencies[] = project:module (>=version)

The 7.x-2.0 branch starts adding support in Project Dependency for Composer.

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