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As there are better ways of handling images in drupal now, development/support of module is frozen. If it works for you - good. If not.. I`m afraid things won`t change. Do install this module only on your responsibility.
This module was created before imagecache was popular so it's based on image module. Think twice about pros/cons of that.


PROG AJAX based galleries module is (partially) based on Hubert`s (cousinhub) mockup seen on web -

Summarizing pros/cons for image/imagefield I decided to go with image nodes.

This module uses a lot of jquery (and contributed jquery plugins) so update it properly. UI simplicity is kept in mind while making it.


  • Easy to use interface. Options kept to minimum.
  • Image order in gallery is sortable and if server supports, autosortable using image exif data.
  • 3 ways to upload images - You can select many files simulatenously via SWFUpload, with DHTML File upload fallback or using classic file upload fallback for non-javascript users. There is #385402: Import Images from folder on server feature, donated by shemgp now.
  • AJAX based comments (add,delete,edit,replay) (appear only if javascript enabled, otherwise default comment form apply). (Broken in Drupal6, hotfix available. Follow the #386954: Comments not working issue progress)
  • Blocks. Listing last galleries, number of listed can be changed at block settings. All listed blocks have coresponding block, containg related action links.
    • All galleries (including user's, excluding empty/no-thumbnail).
    • User's galleries (including empty/no-thumbnail)
    • Specific user's galleries (excluding empty/no-thumbnail). Block content appears at "/node/[gallery_nid]", "/user/[uid]" and "/galleries/[uid]".
  • Gallery content and gallery list output is theme-able (if you want to display images using your own interface)
  • Every gallery is node, every image is node


Supported addons

IMPORTANT note on SWFUpload

This gallery has feature of selecting multiple files at once provided by SWFUpload.

Because of MIT license SWFUpload project has, I cannot put those files into repository. Getting project files straight from creators web page also doesn`t solve the problem because module only needs some files from different directories and I have modified one of them (a handlers.js file), so i have put an archive containing files here. Unpack and put these files in prog_gallery/swfupload directory and it will work right away.


Security, some minor bugfixes and maybe some improvements will be applied to drupal5 version, but no further development is planned.

I am always opened for ideas, but there are three things i`d like to ask: Write full sentences, explain how it should work and mind the "UI simplicity idea".

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