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This module is a time, memory and hook calls measure and profiling framework. It intensively use hooks to take ponctual measures and saves it for further consulting. It aims to be non-intrusive and lightweight as possible during runtime, however, do not activate it on production sites.


User interface

It provides comprehensive tables, charts and diagrams for measures analysis and bottleneck finding.

See these screenshots (D6 version):

Use cases

It's not magic, therefore it only does monitor what we asked for, if you are a custom module developer, you'll have to provide your own integration to this module for it to be useful.

For sites integrators, it aims to guide you through your views, panels and other well known heavy modules in order to spot specific performance killers objects that could be better configured or rewrite as custom code for performances.

If you are a developer and you are looking out for PHP low level profiling, you can use xdebug or xhprof. These two PHP low level profilers have a Drupal integration via the devel module. Profiling aims to profile higher API level of Drupal.


Current status

Currently, this module is able to watch global hooks execution time (any hook, this is configurable), but it also provide integration with these modules:

  • Views
  • Panels

It's stable, at least on our own testing sites, so if you find a bug please report it as soon as possible.


Drupal 6 version is now frozen and only accept bugfixes. Drupal 7 is on the move, and is partially ported. It is stable but still lacks the Views and Panels support.



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