This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module will migrate the core profile fields to nodes for use with the Content Profile module.

Go to the User Administration area to see a place where the migration can be configured. You can choose which content type should be the profile and whether each profile category will become a fieldgroup on a single content type or a separate, new, content type. Do not add new fields to your content type for the profile fields, the fields will be added automatically. It is fine to have other, unrelated, fields on the main profile content type, they will not be affected by this processing.

The core profile fields will be analyzed and they will automatically added to the profile content type. If you choose the option to treat each category as a separate content type, the additional content types and their fields will also be created.

Once all the fields have been created, the data will be migrated to the new locations in a batch process that will display the name of the user being migrated.

The original profile tables are not deleted by this processing, so the original data remains where it can be used by other modules. The tables will be deleted when the profile module is uninstalled.

As always making changes like this, be sure to create a good backup first.

The reason for switching to Content Profile over the core Profile module is because fields available in Content Profile are more diverse and flexible than the core profile fields. CCK fields come with a wide selection of formatters and options to adjust the way they are displayed. There are also problems with the ways profile fields can be used in Views. Some fields, like date fields, can only be sorted and filtered in Views if they are Content Profile fields because of the way the core Profile module stores profile data.

In addition, migrating to Content Profile now may create an easier upgrade path for Drupal 7 because those fields will become CCK fields, which can go through the same upgrade process all other CCK fields go through. It looks like Profile 2 will become the D7 successor to Content Profile. Many of the upgrade issues are being wrestled out in that project.

This module is brand new and needs testing. Patches are welcome. It has now been used to migrate users on a couple live sites with good success. We just need a few more tests to be sure edge cases are working right.

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