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This module enables administrators to set unique registration paths per Profile2 profile type.


The Problem

By default, the Profile 2 module permits you to add fields from chosen profile types to the default user registration form. Unfortunately, there is only one user registration form. Thus, every user will be presented with these fields during registration. If you have two profile types targeted at two different audiences, you cannot have two separate registration forms.

The Solution

Profile2 Registration Path enables you to set a unique registration path for each Profile2 profile type. Users who register via that unique path will be presented with fields from the chosen profile type(s).


  • Assignment of user roles by registration path.
  • Multiple profile types can be assigned to a shared registration path, ordered by weight
  • Profile types can be attached to the core 'user/register' page (while still maintaining other, unique registration paths).
  • Custom titles for each profile's login, register, and forgot password pages.
  • Custom registration confirmation message
  • Ability to either 1) add a new registration tab to the existing /user path, or 2) create a separate registration environment per-profile, complete with separate login and forgot password pages.
  • Automatically generated registration blocks for each profile type

Required Module(s)


Installation and Usage Instructions

  1. Enable the module
  2. Go to admin/structure/profiles and edit a profile type
  3. Check 'Enable unique registration path'
  4. Enter a URL path to use for this profile type
  5. Save
  6. Logout and visit [your-path]/register

For a more detailed walkthrough, read an instructional blog post here.

Troubleshooting FAQ

I don't see any new fields to set profile registration path, what gives?
If you do not see the 'Unique Registration Path' field set on the profile type edit form, please be sure that you have the 'Administer Profile2 registration paths' permission. It probably goes without saying that you'll also need to have the 'Administer Profile Types' permission to even visit this page... but there, I said it.

All of my registration forms look the same. I can't sleep at night.
Make sure that you uncheck the "Show on all user account registration forms" checkbox, located on the 'edit' page for each profile type.

My field groups aren't working correctly
There is a known Profile2 bug that causes field groups to break when "show on registration form" is checked for more than one profile type. Please follow the issue here: #1556520: Fields in groups do not display on registration form

Development Plans

There are a number of feature requests that are being considered and experimented with. As such, please be careful using dev versions on production sites.

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