This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides a basic integration with the Price Spider service. Currently this module only provides support for the page-embedded generic Where-to-Buy (WTB) experience.

Module installation

It is recommended that you use composer to install this module.
composer require drupal/pricespider

General Module Configuration

  1. Navigate to admin/services/pricespider
  2. Provide your price spider account information
  3. Configure the route that will host the Where to Buy page (set to where-to-buy by default)

Product Setup

This module provides a 'psuedo-field' on fieldable entities to display a "where to buy" button that links to the where to buy page for that product.

Product configuration

  1. Navigate to the administration edit page for the Entity bundle type
  2. Go to the Price Spider section
  3. Check the "Use as Price Spider Product" checkbox
  4. Select which field will be used for the SKU value.

Important Information

To use this module you need to have a registered Price Spider account, as well as, have your site domain whitelisted by price spider. This module will provide no value to you if you do not have these setup.

Supporting organizations: 
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