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Presentation provides a pluggable system for creating web-based presentations.

Replace desktop applications and file attachments with nodes whose content is easily structured for a presentation display mode.

If you are happy with Eric Meyer's S5 and the Book module for slide management, check out the s5 module.

Presentation Libraries


Presentation provides two Features to both demonstrate and bootstrap your use of this module.

  • Presentation Default: Offers default configuration of Presentation module with a Presentation content type to represent your slides.
  • Presentation Atrium: Offers a complete Atrium feature for your presentations. See how it incorporates the group's color scheme into your slideshow!

Writing a Presentation

Once you have configured Presentation for use,

  1. Start creating a Presentation-enabled node.
  2. Use HTML headings to title each slide, with markup (usually HTML lists) below for the body of the slide.
  3. Click "View Presentation" at the bottom of the node to view your presentation.

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