This module is used to set one page of the drupal site as prelaunch page. It should be used when you are still working on your site but you want to give a preview page to your users.


For example you want to display a webform to collect emails for a trial. You can then create a webform node and set this url as prelaunch page.


As an admin you can give rights to roles to bypass this. You can set which page is the only page. Admin page is located at /admin/config/system/prelaunch

How is this different from maintenance mode?

  • Maintenance mode puts the site offline. With prelaunch the site is not offline.
  • In maintenance mode Drupal prints a 503 (drupal_add_http_header('Status', '503 Service unavailable');) Prelaunch gives a 200.
  • Maintenance mode allows the user to still see parts of the site when surfing to /user. You can see the menu structure, footer and other blocks present. Prelaunch shows a bare form.

Why use prelaunch module?

  • If you
  • want an easy way to put one page of your site online.
  • You don't want anyone to see any
  • portions of the new site except this one page before it launches.
  • You dont want to use maintenance mode as this puts your site offline and displays a 503.

How can I login with prelaunch module is enabled

You login from prelaunch/user instead of user.

How can you be kept up to date?

Enable the updates module.
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