This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Prefix free lets you use only unprefixed CSS properties everywhere. It works behind the scenes, adding the current browser’s prefix to any CSS code, only when it’s needed.

This module is a wrapper to allow load of Prefix free in a Drupal Library way.


1. Install as usual, as

2. Download the latest version of Prefix free library from

3a. Put Prefix free library into your module directory. The file should look like: sites/all/modules/prefixfree/prefixfree/prefixfree.min.js

3b. Or, if you have Libraries API module, you should put Prefix free library into your libraries directory, the file should look like: sites/all/libraries/prefixfree/prefixfree.min.js


Module originally written by Danillo Nunes at Chuva Inc..

Slightly based in Respond.js module by Chris Ruppel at Four Kitchens.

Prefix free library made by Lea Verou with care.

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