The Drupal Portal Plus Authentication module provides authentication integration with the Portal Plus SOAP web service.

The module allows the user to login to Drupal via the normal Drupal user account or via the Portal Plus SOAP web service. If it's the first login using Portal Plus credentials then the user is created within Drupal in order to skip the SOAP request for future logins. Portal Plus is a service provided by

Drupal 7 version

The Drupal 7 version has additional features. These are:

  • Option to overwrite local password with PP password.
  • Option to only allow active (non-lapsed) Portal Plus members to log in.
  • Option to add a role to active Portal Plus members at login.
  • Option to remove same role from all but active Portal Plus members at login.


The core PHP SOAP library is used in the Drupal 7 version so there are no external dependencies.


The first release of the D7 version was commissioned by the Association of University Administrators.

Drupal 6 version


The module itself depends on the SOAP Client Module and in turn the nuSOAP library (Please refer to the installation instructions on the SOAP Client Module Project).


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