This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

PowerAdmin is a Drupal module that provides API and a GUI to administer the configuration of a PowerDNS Name Server, with MySQL/PostgreSQL backend.

This project is sponsored by 2V S.r.l.

WARNING! Although things seems to start working, the code is yet too young to be safely used to administer a DNS!


  • Domain management
  • Support for editing the domain SOA in a more friendly way
  • Insert the TTLs as suffixed human-readable strings [TODO]
  • Auto-append the domain name to records [TODO]
  • Records management, as single entries or directly in a table form
  • SOA record serial auto-update [TODO]
  • PowerDNS configuration file auto-generation (with table prefix support)
  • Supermasters management [TODO]
  • Advanced ACLs: global, per-zone and per-record [future]
  • Integration with AEgir to autoconfigure domains [future]
  • Suport for zone templates [future]


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