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Now you don't need login to different social networks to post status updates. Just one click and your content will be posted to

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. FriendFeed

The most common way to make your site popular is by posting your content to different social networks. Here is a new and simple way for publishing content to different social networks.


  • The link "Post it Everywhere!" will be displayed with every node type(the admins select). This link will be used to post on all the networks
  • Authenticate Once, Use Forever: The users don’t have to authenticate every time when they login to the site or want to post content. Each user will authenticate himself only once and these saved settings will be used to post in the future.
  • The users will not be moved to other sites to post the content (as it happens in various modules that users are redirected to that social network on which they want to post).
  • The user names and passwords of users are not saved for this purpose so no risk for security and spoofing.
  • Facebook Connect API is used to send posts to Facebook and OAuth is used to connect to LinkedIn, Twitter and FriendFeed. OAuth API can be downloaded from this link.
  • End users can update their settings at anytime.

We would love to hear if you used this module in your application. Feel free to contact us.


  1. PHP 5.2 or higher.
  2. OAuth PHP Library:
  3. Facebook PHP Library:

Developed By: Confiz Solutions

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