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The popup filter is now part of a suite called Popup.
Check out version 3 here

Ever wanted to put nodes or other content into popups or tooltips?
The popup filter allows the insertion of tooltip-like popups of:

  • text, nodes, blocks, menus, forms, views and php-generated content wherever input formats are applicable
  • node reference fields in node displays and views.


  • Install the popup_filter module
  • Insert [popup] tags in content, and set the input format to "Popup filter"
  • Install the popup_filter_ui module
  • Go to admin/settings/popup-filter and setup formatters for node reference fields (if you don't like the defaults)
  • Select the formatter at the node field or view field display configuration

Popup goes the content.

[popup] tag format

[popup type=value id=css-id title="my title" link=URL origin=corner expand=corner-direction activate=click|hover effect=slide|fade|slide-fade flat teaser page links args=view,arguments]



text | node | block | form | menu | view | php


popup text: the plain text to be popped up (like a normal tooltip)
popup nodes, blocks and menus: the unique integer id of the item
Third party module and system blocks may be popped up in the form:
[popup block module=<module> delta=<delta>]
popup form and view: name of the desired form or view
popup php: php that returns text or formatted html


The id that will be assigned to the outermost div of the html popup element


The text to be displayed as the anchor of the popup. If not supplied text popups will use "Text", forms "Form", php "php" and node, block and menu will use the node, block or menu title, respectively.


The URL to assign to the popups' anchor (activate=click will use a nohref, regardless)


where in the popup's anchor the origin of the popup body will appear (top-left (default) | top-right | bottom-left | bottom-right).


the direction in which the popup will be displayed. (defaults to bottom-right)


how the popup should be activated (click | hover) defaults to hover


jquery animation effect to use to display the popup (fade | slide | slide-fade) defaults to no effect


Prevents a popup menu's root from displaying.


Popus up a node using its teaser display


Popus up a node using its page display


Includes node links in a popped up node


A comma seperated list of arguments to pass to a popped up view


this is [popup text='Yay this is the popup text!' effect=fade title='TEST POPUP TEXT' link=/]<br /><br />

this is a [popup node=1 effect=fade origin=top-right teaser links title='TEST POPUP NODE']<br/><br />

this is a [popup block=3 effect=slide origin=top-right expand=top-left title='TEST POPUP BLOCK']<br/><br />

this is a [popup form=search_form effect=fade activate=click title='TEST POPUP FORM']<br/><br />

this is a test menu [popup menu=5 effect=fade]<br /><br />
this is a test click menu [popup menu=5 effect=slide activate=click]<br /><br />
this is a test flat menu [popup menu=5 flat]<br /><br />

this is a test [popup view=test_view type=page args=0,test title='POPUP VIEW']
this is another test [popup view=another_test_view type=page args="0,test view" title='Another POPUP VIEW']

this is a test php popup [popup php="return date('d-M-Y');" link=/admin/build/menu]<br /><br />

NOTE: Whenever a space is to be used within any parameter, it should be wrapped in either single or double quotes, eg:
[popup text="this is my popup text"]
[popup node=1 title='My node popup title']

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