Poll functionality implemented using entities and fields.

Why should you use this module instead of Drupal core Poll module? Because,

  • Page caching can be enabled even if the anonymous users are allowed to vote on polls.
  • IP address restriction has been changed to cookie based solution so that users behind a firewall will be able to vote.
  • Cookie based restriction can optionally be strengthened with IP address checking.


  1. Enable module: drush en pollim or on Modules page
  2. Open Structure - Pollim types - Ad pollim type
  3. Enter poll type name in the Label field (ie. "Lunch gallup")
  4. Add field (Manage fields tab). Choose Poll choices as the field type
  5. Manage display: Label hidden (recommended)
  6. Create a poll: Content - Pollims (tab) - Add a pollim
  7. Optional: Enable the pollim block on Structure - Blocks page

Project information