This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

PM Lite is a lightweight private messaging module that defines a new PM content type and creates PMs as nodes. The main idea behind this module is that private messages represent content on a site with extremely limited access. This module defines the private message node type and adds a recipient field to its creation form where users can enter single or multiple recipients. Once created, private messages may not be modified and can only be viewed by the author and the recipients.

The goal of the module is to remain as small as possible. By creating private messages as nodes, if you need functionality beyond what the module provides, you can build it yourself using any number of contributed modules that were designed to work with Drupal's node system.

Feature list

  • Defines a Private message node type and user and administrator permissions
  • Defines pages for the inbox and sent messages list
  • Themeable message header and control form on message nodes
  • Single or multiple recipient messages
  • Simple message replies and "reply to all" for multiple recipient messages
  • "Hackable" URL for sending messages to multiple recipients
  • Recipient autocomplete on private message add form
  • Tracks read vs. unread status of messages and parent messages for replies
  • Notification of users upon login of new messages
  • Private message nodes not displayed on node lists, in search and admin interfaces, or in watchdog
  • Only sender and recipients have access to view messages

Related modules

Users looking for a more robust system out of the box should consider using Privatemsg instead. Furthermore, users concerned about the overhead of using the node system for private messages are also advised to investigate the Privatemsg module. PM Lite takes a fundamentally different approach which has not been tested for scalability, though I'd appreciate someone researching this and posting the data to the tracker.

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