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Status: I had to find the people using my theme through google to find the error. I've fixed the errors I found and have released version 1.0 of the theme. Please use and test.

This theme is a blog theme for Drupal 6. The footer is designed to have 3 columns, so for the best aesthetic look, multiples of 3 are the best look for this theme (3, 6, 9 blocks). Pain staking attention to detail to make this theme look exactly like the original template, and less like a typical drupal site.

I used jQuery to hide/show the categories on node pages. Forum's are built based on the taxonomy system, so special attention was paid to how categories display on forum pages. I also used print style sheet so users can print pages without having to go to the print view of a page before printing. There is no logo on the theme.

The icons were provided by Mark James @ Lullabot!

The theme has been tested very thoroughly to be multi-browser compatible. Mainly, the theme was tested for IE6, IE7, FF2, and Safari. Tests on Opera are coming soon.

I'm very excited about this theme and would like it to become a premier blogging theme in the Drupal community.

XHTML 1.0 Strict & CSS 2.1 Complaint

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