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Sample of PingThis integration with default Garland Theme

Want to post your content to multiple Social Networks? Use PingThis and post your content to multiple communities using is used to post your site links to twitter, friendfeed, Meme and many other communities at the same time.

PingThis Features:

Currently, using the PingThis module, will allow you to add a link to your posts that will give yourself along with visitors to your site the ability to quickly share posts by using There couldn't be a better way to allow users to promote your page(s) than by simply posting it to ALL of their social networking sites at once!!

Current Features include:

  • Select node types you wish to display the PingThis module on
  • Select user roles allowed to use the PingThis module
  • Choose to display in $teaser view or not
  • Change default posting mode (none/status/microblog/blog)
  • Enter custom text to prepend the title of article when a user submits link to
  • Turn PingThis off/on

Proposed Features:

The following are features that I think will be useful and included in an upcoming release of PingThis. If you have a feature in mind, please comment on it here, and/or request a feature at the official proect page for PingThis.

  • Ability to include the PingThis interface as a block that is not tied to the node as well.
    This gives the opportunity to use it in a block in the sidebar for example that will allow it to appear on the home page, and/or every page so that it is tied to the page being viewed, not just the node.
  • More feature ideas pending...

Installation Instructions for PingThis

  • First download latest release for PingThis below, or on the official project page.
  • After unpacking tar.gz archive, upload the "pingthis" folder & files to your modules folder (/sites/all/modules/)
  • Enable the module at admin/build/modules
  • Set permissions at admin/user/permissions
  • Configure options and turn PingThis module on at admin/settings/ping-this
  • Enjoy cool features!!!

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