This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Picasa module is a complex module that utilizes Google's Picasa API to display Web Albums and Photos as they appear in your account at .

Drupal 6 Dev Version

Completely uninstall the previous dev version before testing a new dev version ... you have been warned.

If you download the d6 dev version do not expect it to work on your site ... it is called dev for a good reason. If that statement bothers you then wait until there is a d6 beta release. When it reaches beta the expectation is that it should work on your site and at that point we can start figuring out the pieces that may not work in your environment. The Google Picasa API is complex ... it does a lot of stuff and it contains a lot of information one would not immediately assume exists for a photo or an album. Due to this complexity the D6 version will only work on php 5+ installations. Stepping back to support php 4 is a massive undertaking that I am not willing to do.

D6 Status as of November 27 2008 - Getting close to a beta

Google Authentication and Session Management


  • Can create an Album in Drupal
  • Can edit an Album created in Drupal and have it update Picasa
  • Can delete an Album node in Drupal without affecting Picasa
  • Can delete an Album node in Drupal and Picasa
  • Can import an Album and it's Photos
  • Can verify changes at
  • Can theme album teasers
  • Can theme Albums
  • Can geotag Albums
  • Can control slideshow behavior from admin >> settings >> picasa
  • Editing an album checks google's uses google's optomistic versioning ... if there is a change on Picasa the album and it's photos are updated. All actions are accounted for so that if the album on Picasa is deleted, has had photos altered or added/removed, or has been updated in any way, the Drupal site is synchronized
  • Synchronization uses the Batch API


  • Can create a Photo in Drupal
  • Can delete an Photo node in Drupal without affecting Picasa
  • Can delete an Photo node in Drupal and Picasa
  • Can theme Photo thumbnails
  • Can theme Photos
  • Can geotag Photos
  • Can verify changes at
  • Slideshow starts from the image being viewed.

What I am working on next

  • Editing of a Photo using googles optimistic versioning in the same fashion as Albums
  • Expose album information to Drupal search
  • Synchronization of comments
  • Provide Previous and Next links while viewing Photos
  • Additional theme work. I'd like to use the data that is stored with albums and photos and get it all working on the display side of things. The image that is viewed on the image node is the raw side which does not play well with many layouts if it is exceptionally large. The georss information is also not being utilized on the display side. Need to set up the template files to be well documented for people looking to customize the layout.
  • Add additional admin controls for layout options ... items such as thumbnail size, maps, exif info, etc.
  • Modify Album import to include user data
  • Install this on a test site for others to see.
  • Write Documentation and Screencasts
  • Explore FCKEditor plugin ... I had a request for this and think it's a decent idea but have a lot to do before I can explore it completely.
  • Modify Google Auth to sign requests with a security certificate for the maximum levels of integration offered by google.


Simpletest is, unfortunately, simply not going to happen. The end user needs to get a google api key specific to their site, the user needs to leave the Drupal site, sign into google and authorize the website to post to their account to create or edit content. I attempted to write the tests for these modules but have not been able to figure out how to do so due to these reasons. If you know how, I'd love to hear from you.


You can still get this version through CVS but I am not supporting it any longer. This module unfortunately wears the crown of being the first Drupal module I developed. I have the d5 version working on my personal site and am aware of several other sites that are using it verbatim or have modified it to suit their needs. If you can not get the d5 version please do not bother submitting bugs as I will not work to fix the d5 version. If you can submit a proper patch to the existing d5 branch it will be reviewed and committed if it works. Otherwise, all effort is going towards making the D6 version a complete RESTful implementation of the Picasa API.


  1. Use the existing modules uninstall features to completely remove the module and it's tables.
  2. Remove all files related to the old module.
  3. Install the new module


  1. Download and extract the module into your modules directory
  2. Enable the Google Auth, Picasa Guser and Picasa Album modules in the Picasa package.
  3. Create Picasa Guser content at node/add
  4. Set permissions for different roles if necessary


  1. Make sure your user has the correct permissions.
  2. Setup your picasaweb albums at You can also link to your friends photo albums provided you have a personal google account.
  3. Create your Picasa Gusers at node/add
  4. Create Picasa Guser content at node/add


The module creates a picasa_guser node type that is accesible through Drupals normal node mechanisms exposing it to views. In future development Albums and Images will be accessible.

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