Drupal Commerce supports the creation of custom product types that contain the fields you need to describe the products you sell, but the core modules don't define any fields specific to physical products. This module supplies such fields as physical weight and dimensions for use on your product types, allowing all sites to standardize on these fields to interact with shipping and rate quoting services.

It's been released as a standalone module much like our Address Field module to allow sites to take advantage of its features even in sites that aren't e-commerce sites.

Currently defined fields:

  • Physical weight: enter a weight value with its unit of measurement (lb, oz, kg, or g); supports locking the unit of measurement on the field edit form so it cannot be changed on product edit forms.
  • Physical dimensions: enter values for length, width, and height with their unit of measurement (in, ft, mm, cm, or m); also supports locking the unit of measurement like the weight field.

Project Information