This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is a module to migrate from a PHP-Nuke installation to Drupal.

There're some scripts out there that perform a migration but none of them is a Drupal module, is fully integrated with Drupal API or is available for Drupal 6. See:

At present, this module imports:

  • Site configuration. Site name, slogan, language,...
  • Drupal users: authors (admins) and users.
  • Drupal nodes: stories, links as weblinks, events as events, reviews, sections and encyclopedia content.
  • Drupal taxonomies: sections, topics, categories for stories, links and downloads.
  • Encyclopedia chapters are imported as taxonomy terms.
  • comments.


  • Create roles, vocabularies, content types and views on demand.
  • Uses the Drupal Batch API.
  • Batch api operations is based on a implementation using classes. Each operation is a class in the operations/ directory. Adding new operations or adapting current ones for your concrete usecases is straightforward.

More info

  • You will find technical info about the use of the module in the README file, and a list of features to improve or possible implementation in the TODO file.

Support and customizations

The module author provides paid development and consulting services. Contact Jonathan Araña Cruz.

You can also support this module by giving cash gifts via Gratipay.

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