This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

News April 2012:Due time constraints and the fact that I no longer have any clients who use PHPlist, I am withdrawing from this project. If anyone wants to step up to take over, please send me a message and I will gladly transfer ownership.

This module provides a basic level of integration between Drupal and phplist.

  • one-way synchronisation of user accounts from Drupal to phplist
  • targetting of mailshots using Drupal user profiles
  • users can manage their phplist subscriptions in "My Account"
  • bulk import to phplist for existing Drupal installations
  • anonymous sign-up (via a block), confirm and unsubscribe
  • access to lists based on role
  • Send mailshots directly from within Drupal (contributed by seutje #449024: future direction) under development for D7 by bradjones1 #1092506: PHPlistbackend.module needs more porting?

All the functionality of PHPlist is retained - this is just a way of automatically getting Drupal users into the phplist database and incorporating them into any mailshots that get sent.

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