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Phonegap is an open source platform that allows HTML5 and JavaScript created apps to be compiled into native apps that can be uploaded onto the app stores for Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

This project comprises of two parts:

  • an Android application based on the Phonegap libraries
  • a Drupal 7 module which interfaces the Android app with Drupal

The Phonegap HTML5 code is generic, and will also work on iPhone and Blackberry devices, when compiled within the Phonegap framework.

The module currently handles three key functions:

  • Login / Authentication
  • Uploading of articles
  • Listing of articles - which must be from a pre-defined view (for example the standard frontpage view)

Quick step guide to getting started:

1. Install the Phonegap Drupal module on your Drupal site
2. Enable the module, and make sure your user has permissions to create content from mobile
3. Enable the views module, and for a default view you can enable the frontpage view
4. Go to settings on the mobile app (bottom left corner)
5. Enter the URL of your site,
6. Enter the name of the view to display content
7. Enter the name of the views display
8. When you go to the upload content area, you will be prompted to enter your username and password, which you must do before continuing
9. Go to {}admin/config/services/phonegap and configure which content type should be created for uploaded content, whether or not new content should be published and or promoted to the homepage and what input format should be used to render content (always be careful to an appropriate filter)
10. Check permissions 'post articles from mobile' to set which roles are allowed to post content
11. Go to the upload article screen on the mobile device and submit your article

The source code for the Phonegap half of the project can be downloaded from the documentation page or directly from Project moved to which will plug straight into PhonegapBuild

This project is a starter project that can be modified to suit your needs - please contribute your improvements back.

Download and install the partner Android app directly at

The above app is still there, but has a small bug with views. The later versions are on the GItHub repo and will need building - with PhonegapBuild or a local Phonegap install

A quick note for anyone wishing to test their html5 code in a browser. If you put the www folder somewhere inside your site (i.e. same domain) you can test with a browsers without falling prey to cross site origin browser policies. Or you could install the "CORS" plugin on firefox to temporarily disable origin policy and test locally with firebug etc. note index.html#home will load the home page (use anchors to switch jquery mobile panels)

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