What does it do?

pgbar is a simple module that enables you to render progress bars based on the number of submissions on a webform. The progress bars are animated using a simple javascript. It also contains a simple set of default styles, ready to be extended/overridden.

How does it work?

It consists of:

  • A theme/JS part that handles the actual display
  • A custom field-type that allows to configure the display and the target number on a per-webform basis.
  • A ctools based plugin system for defining counter sources (aka "where does the current count for the progress bar come from?").

Plugins currently exist for the following counter sources

  • null: manually set the counter
  • webform submissions: count the number of the current webform (and its translations)
  • webform component sum: calculate the sum of a webform component (specified by form_key) over all webform submissions on this node (and its translations).

Project Information