Permission Select is a module that allows for quicker editing of role permissions on /admin/user/permissions.

The module utilizes jQuery to manipulate the DOM, creating links to check all / uncheck all on each set of permissions for each module. This allows for quicker manipulation of permissions for standard users.

This still requires a user to visit and modify permissions in the Drupal backend. If you need a solution to programatically create and modify permissions, please consider using the Permissions API.


  • Creates a set of check all / uncheck all links for each role/module combination at /admin/user/permissions
  • Now also creates a global permission select area that will enable the admin to check or uncheck EVERY permission for any role. This really is only useful for creating a super user account, or disabling a role entirely.


Permission Select was originally developed and maintained by Jake Strawn


  • Implement more flexibility & ease of use on permissions page
    • Put a "control bar" above the permissions table, AND at the bottom that implements the following 2 features.
    • Create a global check all / uncheck all /toggle option at the top and bottom of the table
    • Add Collapsing regions per module in a clean, easy manner.
  • Clean up the link interface of the check all / uncheck all links. (from text links to icons)
  • Find a way to insert "standard options" for many of the major module types

Project information