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PEGevent is a Drupal module designed to manage program scheduling and master control playback for Channel 17/Town Meeting Television ( This module can be used by PEG (Public, Educational and Government) access cable channels that need a flexible tool that eliminates the need and problems of maintaining multiple databases to accomplish the tasks of running a television station.

PEGevent is customized specifically to interface with the Maestrovision ( broadcast video server for television and can be modified for use with other automated playback systems. The earlier 4.7 releases are very specific to CCTV. The latest 5.x release is more generalized and makes no connection to the Maestrovision playback system.

This module is part of an integrated system that implements the channel’s concept for using a single database for program scheduling, air time listing, video file archiving and production scheduling. You can reach Channel 17 at 802-862-3966 ext 25 or

The 4.7 release is based on code in use by CCTV and should be mainly of use to coders and module hackers. It is NOT install ready. The 5.x code is ready for install and is a generalized version of the more detailed 4.7 code.

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