A recursive hierarchy made with Views, View reference, and Peekaboo.

Provides the ability to load the contents of a field via Ajax.

Use cases

  • Field output that is heavy on resources

    Some fields, such as the *reference fields, can contain a tremendous amount of overhead when formatting the output for the field. This module allows the page output to load without calculating the formatted output of the field, and the field contents can be subsequently loaded into the page with Ajax.

  • Field output that takes up too much space

    Peekaboo can be used to initially hide certain fields that take up a lot of space, like maps or images, only to be revealed later at the user's request.

  • Fields that reveal more information

    Peekaboo can also be used purely for the Ajax functionality as a gimmick to reveal more information.


Click the image on the right to see an animated demonstration of heavily themed/styled Peekaboo output which loads nested View references in a node.


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