This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

PDF Stamper is a dynamic PDF stamping module. It allows a user to upload their pdf files into their private folder and allows them to stamp it with custom text.

They can choose the colors, size, font and other parameters of the text which needs to be stamped.

The stamping is a 2 step process

1 - User will upload the PDF documents.
During this stage a preview jpeg image of the pdf document is created. The preview generated will either be
a jpeg image if the actual content or a blank white image
(depending on where ImageMagick or GD is enabled with ImageApi)

Also, note the PDF files uploaded by users are stored in the private files folder and cannot be downloaded
using the url (

2 - The uploaded document is stored in the users repository and can be stamped at any given time. The stamping
is done via a form which allows a user to select a number of parameters such as font, size, colors etc.
Also, a wysiwyg cropping area is used for the users convenience to select the marking area on the jpeg image generated in step 1.

The module depends on other drupal contributed modules and also on external php libraries and jquery plugins.

Dependency Details
Drupal Contributed Modules - jQuery Update, ImageAPI, CCK, Token and
PHP Library - FPDF, FPDI and FPDF_TPL.
jQuery plugin - imgAreaSelect.

Project information