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A flexible and extensible module to elegantly manage different Pay Walls.

First code release

I apologise if there is still no code here, I am a bit tied up with other things. Hopefully, around the end of the summer 2011 I should be able to release some code.

UPDATE 03/03/2014: working on D7/D8 version. Will be dropping the original D6 version I am migrating this from.

Preliminary description

This module is meant to put content behind a Pay Wall. It's been designed in a modular way so that the main engine is in the Paywall module itself. However, this doesn't do the job on its own. There are two "classes" of sub-modules that are required by Paywall in order to work:

  • Barrier Mechanism
  • Wall Page

The first class of modules provides specific logic for determining whether or not a particular content is "behind" a pay wall. The second class of modules provides the actual "wall page" to present in place of a node when this is behind a barrier. It can also bring some logic, according to how much "node processing" you need on the node to present the correct wall page for it.
An instance of each class will be provided in the first release. Anyone will be able to write more.

Many pay walls can be set up via the UI provided, as combination of:

  • content types to put behind the wall
  • barrier to be used
  • wall page to be used
  • permission that grants access behind the wall to the users
  • referrers that allows users to bypass the wall regardless

Field-based walls (e.g. Checkbox field that says "make me premium") in addition to contenttype-based ones are on the TODO list.

To complete the picture: paywall doesn't perform any ecommerce procedure or similar. Selling the right "permission/role" is to be done via other modules, one of which I guess could be Ubercart.

Project information

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