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PayPal Reports module enables you to save PayPal transactions and analyse it later.


Because of recent EU VAT regulations, it was necessary to provide PayPal income reports split up by countries.

PayPal reports don't seem to provide country field by default. However, the IPN object has enough variables to know where the funds came from. Thus it was decided just to save all transactions and provide a report with blackjack and countries.

How it works

The module provides two functions to log transactions:

  • paypal_reports_add_instant_transaction() - to save instant transaction
  • paypal_reports_add_subscription() - to save subscription transaction

What you need to do, is just to pass $_POST on paypal incoming callback.
And then you will be able to see your transaction on report page.


  • Save instant transaction
  • Save subscription transaction
  • Show reports based on collected transactions
  • Split up report by country


If you've found the module particularly useful and want to say thank you, there's a wide range of stuff I'd welcome on my wish list (UK) (US).

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