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This module integrates with the e-Commerce module to allow for integration with the PayFlow Pro payment gateway (formerly Verisign, now owned by PayPal).

Release 5.x-2.x
- Un-maintained (moved to the Ubercart module due to the slow development of the ecommerce v4 module)

- e-Commerce v5.x-4.x

- e-Commerce v5.x-4.x is still under development. Don't expect this module to be finished before the e-Commerce module. You can check the development status of e-Commerce v5.x-4.x at
- PayFlow Pro documentation can be found at
- This module uses the new HTTPS interface offered by PayFlow Pro and will not require the installation of any additional software. You can find information regarding PayPal's HTTPS interface at

Release 5.x-1.x
Release 4.7.x-1.x
- Not ready for production use
- Un-maintained

- e-Commerce vx.x-3.x
- PHP 5+
- SimpleXML (enabled by default on most PHP 5.x+ installs)
- PayFlow Pro SDK for your platform (for windows, just download the VB .net examples, this will give you the dll for the COM, and the needed certs)

- These releases have been tested to work on both Windows and Linux.
- Windows: Uses COM to submit payments. This is enabled and part of PHP core on windows. This is just to make people aware in case they have certain permissions setup for their COM objects/interactivity.
- Linux: pfpro binaries, certs, etc.

To come:
- How to setup your Payflow Pro account
- Arranging the different options

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