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6.x Results

Pathtrack works with Drupal's statistics module to track the paths of visitors once they enter a specific page. It creates a report to show number of visitors and the paths they took. Also has an optional CSV output.

New Features in 6.x-1

  • Variable path length - follow users for up to 6 pages after the target page
  • Filtered results - only anonymous users are tracked
  • Results page - Data is displayed in a table instead of nested fieldsets
  • Results presented with clickable links and url aliases for better usability
  • Completely rewritten backend - faster than 5.x

Note that this module is still in development. The dev branch is functional, but it's output may exceed your php execution time (usually 30 seconds), Depending on the number of days you want results for, or the number of visitors your site receives.

originally maintained by TextPlease
The Drupal 6 release of this module sponsored by PPC Tarmac.
This module originally sponsored by Gameface Web Design.

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