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Import redirects from CSV

This module allows to include path redirection in a simple way. Provides a simple way to bulk import redirects for Redirect (Drupal 7) or Path Redirect (Drupal 6) modules from a CSV file.

All the necessary redirections can be done at the same time from a CSV file.
Very useful module for moving your website from one path structure to another.

Drupal 6

CSV structure:
'old url', 'new_url', 'redirect_code' = 301

Drupal 7

Module includes some new features like the language support or the improved UI.
CSV structure:
'old url', 'new_url', 'redirect_code' = 301, 'language' = ''
Required fields are the Old URL and the New URL, Redirect code and Language fields are optioinal


Both D6 and D7 branches provides a drush command path-redirect-import that allows to do the same tasks faster from commandline.


Drupal 6 original module was maintained and supported by AG Prime.
Drupal 7 module is maintained and supported by plopesc.

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