This module will allow a user with the proper permission to override Apache's default memory setting on specific Drupal paths.

This can be helpful if:

  • You have some pages that require more memory than your standard page memory size (likely 128MB). This could be on a visitor facing page, or a system page (like the infamously memory hogging Drupal module listing page).
  • By inspecting your site's memory requirements, it's clear that your site actually needs significantly less than 128MB in most cases. If your site is tuned for 128 megs, then you're leaving performance on the table in high load situations. In reality, you could likely give PHP less memory (and tune accordingly) and use this module to only give more memory on the few pages that need it.

The module allows wildcards for paths as well.

Similar modules: - this module is a bit simpler and allows you to set paths in a configuration file. Path memory allows you to manage your memory paths through the standard Drupal interface.

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