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This module is a solution for all problems with the breadcrumbs on your site!

Path Breadcrumbs module helps you to create breadcrumbs for any page with any selection rules and load any entity from the URL!

Important notices

  • Path Breadcrumbs works only with non-aliased path (i.e. use node/1 (node/%node) instead of news/my-news-title).
  • Please, disable jQuery Update while working in Path Breadcrumbs UI!


  • Breadcrumbs navigation may be added to any kind of page: static (example: node/1) or dynamic (example: node/%nid).
  • You can load contexts from URL and use it like tokens for breadcrumb path or title.
  • You can use selection rules for every breadcrumbs navigation.
  • Module supports ALL (!!!) available tokens, including tokens from Entity tokens module (part of Entity module). But not all tokens are displayed in dropdown (yet).
  • Module provides magic token "pb-join" for taxonomy hierarchy (1) and complete menu trail (2).
  • You can import/export breadcrumbs (supports single operations, Features and Ctools bulk export).
  • Breadcrumbs can be cloned to save you time while building navigation.
  • Module provides rich snippets support for breadcrumbs (RDFa and Microdata).
  • Module provides first/last/odd/even classes to every breadcrumb link.
  • You can change breadcrumbs delimiter.
  • Breadcrumbs could be hidden if they contain only one element.
  • You can disable breadcrumbs and enable them later.
  • All breadcrumb titles are translatable.
  • Ctools API & Path Breadcrumbs API
  • Usable interface.

How can I get started?

  1. FAQ for new users
  2. Tutorial Control Breadcrumbs using Path Breadcrumbs in Drupal 7 (thanks Ivan Zugec)
  3. Old screencast (thanks smthomas)


Path Breadcrumbs is a fast-growing module so current version could be incompatible with the previous. To avoid breadcrumbs failures do not forget to run updates and flush caches after every module update.



  • Module was designed and developed by Maslovskiy Evgeniy.
  • 7.x-3.x branch is supported by kalabro.
  • Module development was not sponsored by anyone. It was created for the love of Drupal.

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