Simple Bash script to automatically review project applications. It takes a Git repository URL as argument, clones the code in a "pareview_temp" folder and runs some checks. Alternatively it takes a path to a module/theme project and checks that. The output is suitable for an attachment in the Project Applications issue queue.

Online version

There is an online version of


Local installation (recommended)

The local installation is running the script and its dependencies within
the current user's scope. It can be installed using Composer:

  • A Bash shell environment (tested on Ubuntu, should also work on Macs)
  • Git
  • Composer
  • Node.js including npm; we recommend using a Node Version Manager as NVS
  • Python 2.7+ including pip

Global installation (deprecated)

The global installation needs you to install all required packages and
their dependencies manually in a global scope:


The current version of makes use of Composer to install all its dependencies. While you can still install the script as you did before, the new recommended method is as follows:

  • Make sure you have git, composer, npm and pip installed, so they are available to the current user.
  • Download the module and extract the package to a location outside of any Drupal root folders.
  • Install the dependencies using composer:
    composer install

For more detailed information, please refer to the


Examples: 7.x-1.x sites/all/modules/rules

Development / Issues

The original maintainers stopped working on The development moved from GitHub to If you experience any problems / have enhancements or patches to suggest, please use our issue queue.


Current Maintainers

This script is based on the great work of klausi, who created and maintained it from 2011 till end of 2017, and many contributions from the community.

Supporting organizations: 
sponsors current development.

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